Sebastián Serra

My passion for film and television studies started at a very early age when by pure chance I first landed on a tv set, I couldn’t believe how one could create such a different world, it was pure magic to me ,I was determined from this point on to pursue a career in film design.

I took the first important step and got my degree in film studies at the University of Buenos Aires. However, I didn’t feel this was enough and I pursued several courses in Design, Architecture and History of Art in order to ensure that I would be fully equipped to delve into the world of film.

I started working as an Art Director and Production Designer in 2003 and I have been extremely lucky in that. I have worked consistently in this field since then on commercials ,feature films ,music videos and drama projects.

Due to the fact that I speak fluent english I cross between working locally, but also in LatinAmerica and Europe. I have had the opportunity to work with many interesting  directors, cinematographers as well as many great production companies.

Every job is the chance to feel I´m a drawer, a painter, a castles builder, toys designer or even an engineer,

But I also believe that every job brings a new challenge and a new learning experience and I thrive off this, I love discovering artists bringing out the best in people and  I treasure the creative relationships that I have been able to establish over the years.